Kolon_land_plan 2

Now that the house is mostly complete, we are (finally) turning to the question of landscaping. We’re working with Chad Willard of Paints With Plants for the work itself. The above is his first plan for the stonework and planting, and while we’ve made a few changes, we think it’s pretty cool.

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My Month of Birthdays

As I often say, I’m a really lucky guy. From mid-March to mid-April, I had friends and family help me celebrate my 50th birthday in five cities and a town, in four countries, on two continents, beginning in Singapore and ending up in New York.

birthdaymapI also had some of my favorite people visit me in Tokyo: Carl and Jackie came on their school vacations, and Jesse visited the week after. If I had known turning fifty was going to be so much fun, I would have done it a lot sooner!

Thanks everyone who drank, ate, sang, danced, smoked, stumbled, and otherwise celebrated with me. Most of all, thanks to my lovely Patty who pulled together the amazing Ryokan visit in Hakone and who enabled (and allowed) all the others.

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I'm almost as old now as Pop was in this 1967 picture.

I’m almost the same age now that Pop was in this 1967 picture. Yeah, that’s me!

The ring on his finger in the above picture is on mine now. The HHF insignia is almost worn away.

The ring in the above picture is on my finger now. The HHoF insignia is almost worn away.

My grandfather Bill Chadwick was born on October 10, 1915; today would have been his 100th birthday. His first home was on 122nd St in Manhattan and his father delivered milk from a horse-drawn wagon. From those humble beginnings he went on to change the history of the game of ice hockey as a referee, get elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, and become a iconic broadcaster and the public face of the New York Rangers. He also managed to marry my grandmother, have two children with her, and be a hero grandfather to me and four other lucky kids, and a great-grandfather to four more.

Four generations of Whistle: me, Carl, Big, and Bill.

Four generations of The Whistle: me, Carl, Big, and Bill.

I wrote this post when he passed away in 2009 at 94. A pretty good run, and few regrets for sure. I think of him all the time as I think all us Chadwicks do, and many others besides.

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Extra-curricular Activities


Carl and Nell have each been having their share of triumph lately and I want to brag, so here goes.

Nellie has gracefully and successfully negotiated our move to Tokyo with all the class you’d expect. She attends the American School in Japan (ASIJ) and takes seven classes, four of which are AP, and including both Chinese (where she’s at the top of course) and Japanese (where she’s just a smart beginner.)

She’s also playing volleyball again and has become one of the captains of her team, is the owner of a stunning serve that got her 11 aces in a row in one game, and is a great leader who is improving all the time. I’m so proud of her!

Carl is back for his 2nd year at the Academy, a so-called “youngster” now. He’s got a packed academic schedule too, but the most impressive outward sign of his development is his place in the USNA Jolly Rogers – the academy’s silent drill team. He auditioned, was accepted, and qualified all last year, and this year he’s performing with the team nearly every weekend. I went to Annapolis on a recent trip to the US and had time to see them perform, and it blew me away. Here’s a video from the weekend before. If you’re only watching for him, he is most easily visible at about 5:15. But watch the whole thing, it’s excellent.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.43.06 PMHi Folks. For most of you this will come as no surprise, but I suppose this quasi-official register of our family activities should reflect that we no longer live in Beijing. That’s right, at the end of the summer Patty, Nellie, and I packed up and moved to Tokyo.

We’ve all spent time here before, especially I, who ran various aspects of Juniper’s and Cisco’s Japan businesses in 2012 and 2013. We all love it, too – it’s weird and new all the time, and as different from China as you can imagine – except when it’s not. Different: language, customs, weather, and vibe. Similar: stultifying Government bureaucrazy, suspicion of the other 京, and lots of rich people.

We live in a neighborhood called Kamiyama-cho, in the north part of Shibuya, which is also new to us. Previously I had an apartment in Shinjuku (where Juniper is based) so I got to know that neighborhood well, but Shibuya has been a mystery to me that’s only now giving up some of its secrets. The same goes for Patty’s studio in Motoazabu and Nellie’s school way out in Chofu. My office is in Kasumigaseki.

So that’s a lot of change. Nellie’s a junior in a new school, Patty is painting in a new studio, and I’m going to a new office – except when I’m flying to the same set of Asian capitals I’ve been visiting for the last ten years and more.

assemblyLots of furniture assembly to keep Nellie happy!

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Grand Schlep – Summer 2015 Edition

As I did a couple of years ago, this year I made a summer calendar to track the various comings and goings of our family. It’s pretty insane – everybody has their share of travel, with something like 15 flights and at least six countries for the four of us, although we aren’t exactly sure where Carl’s ship will be going so it could be a few more.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.00.44 PMCarl is just about to leave his first cruise while Nellie will be visiting U.B. and his family, and attending volleyball camp for a week in Malibu. So there are many different elements here, but I’m most looking forward to the last week of July and first week of August, when all four of us will be in Underhill and together for the first time since December. Below you can see a map of all these wanderings, courtesy of Karl Swartz’s awesome Great Circle Mapper.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 6.43.38 AM

You might notice that Patty, Nellie, and I are not winding up back in Beijing at the end of the summer. That’s a whole ‘nother story which I’ll write about when the Grand Schlep is complete.

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Sneak Preview: Patty Hudak in China

Patty has a solo show at the Being 3 Gallery opening this Thursday in Beijing. Below are two pieces of advance collateral – the invite itself and a beautiful profile video!

Patty Hudak invite

We’re all really thrilled, excited, and nervous waiting for the big day.

Speaking for myself, I an unutterably proud of what Patty has done for this show. It’s the strongest work of the 25 years I have been watching her make art, and it continues to impress her artist colleagues and the community at large here in Beijing and around the world. I know we’re headed for a very successful show, opening this Thursday!

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The Road to Barcelona

mapAlmost every year at this time, I spend a few days in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. So this month’s insane road trip takes me from Beijing to the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Spain before returning home to China. Fourteen flights in thirty-two days, and 29,560 miles all told.

The map above is from Karl Swartz’s unspeakably cool Great Circle Mapper. If you remember your conic sections from calculus, a great circle describes the shortest distance between two points on a sphere(oid) like the Earth. This is often not exactly how the plane flies — some countries’ airspace are best avoided, and in the summer, flights from North Asia to the US often use a much longer route over the Northern Pacific to take advantage of summer tailwinds. But is a great way to realize how thinking in Mercator Projection terms since school days has distorted our consideration of geography, making the shortest distance between two points appear as a curve.

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Fantasy Road Trip

Many Americans dream about traveling the world. I have been wandering around the non-US world pretty constantly for more than a decade, always feeling authentically American but also feeling like I was perhaps missing something about where I come from.

I’ve traveled around the US a lot, but mostly in my long-ago 20s. There are so many places that I haven’t seen in years, that were important to me in the past but that I only saw long ago. Of course, there are also many places in the US that I have wanted to visit but haven’t.  So I’ve been dreaming of a trip I want to make.


I’m thinking an anti-clockwise circle, beginning and ending in Vermont. I don’t have a date yet (well, I have some ideas) or even a car (well, we could take Patty’s Subaru) but it’s still exciting to dream. Now I just need to convince Patty to spend a couple of months cruising around the flyover states with me, connecting with America the James Dean way, or the Kerouac way, or the Easy Rider way, or the Simon & Garfunkel way, or something romantic like that.

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A Hanging in Singapore


Last weekend I met Patty in Singapore to attend the installation of three beautiful new paintings of hers in a private home. In this case, the owners are good friends of ten years whom we met when we all lived in Hong Kong. Having recently relocated to Singapore, they finally had the chance to commission some new works from Patty. They own a few other works of hers but this is their first commission from her.

As you can see from the picture, the paintings look just spectacular. I’ll have a link up to the “official” page for them over on Patty’s web site as soon as it’s posted.

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